Improve your life with a personal coach
Deva provides you with a personal coach to avoid burnout and maximize your energy level
Balance your life
Sleep better
Prevent burnout
Lower Stress
Feel energized
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Our wellbeing-coaches have continued to help dozens of working professionals from startup companies and top consulting firms to boost their energies and live better lives.
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We are experts in facing the most common challenges in life and business:
of consultants and entrepreneurs experience burnout, lack of energy to work and inability to manage projects
of our clients report lack of work-life balance
people confess to having a shortage of knowledge and motivation to implement habits of well-being
1 in 2
Your personal Wellness Coach will give you the knowledge and support that you need with a personalized plan that will keep you on top of your game. Our clients observe a 30% increase in well-being after their first month of interaction with a coach.
The Deva solution
Associate, McKinsey
The best thing is that with the coach you focus on only 3 habits at a time. Nowadays it's so easy to get overwhelmed by dozens of different methods, but with Deva I feel a sense of relief.
COO, DBrain/HandlAi
The methods are familiar but I was never able to form them into habits. Only with Deva I realized what I've been missing - a helping hand.
Product designer, Flo
Only two months in, I have built a system that will keep me afloat at all times - crazy projects, long hours, remote team management :) Doesn't matter - I have the energy and I'm in control of my life
First, we will assess your routines and habits in 5 main categories:
Time management
In each category, we'll develop steps for improvement. With daily messages and weekly Zoom calls, your coach:
Gives you a scientific overview of your lifestyle in each sphere
Provides a personalized and flexible plan for improvement
Supports you with information and care
Your Wellness Coach will help you to find the energy to boost your career and business while working on your health and mental routines
Your Wellness Coach helps you navigate across different health areas and provides holistic advice.
Deva Wellbeing coach
Try a Single Point of Care
to prevent burnout and achieve wellbeing
If you are lost in different solutions
Mental health
Our team is made of certified coaches with science-based methodology
Take Control of Your Life with your Wellness Coach
100% of our team are Certified Health Coaches from Precision Nutrition or Integrative Nutrition
Our algorithm ensure that you are matched with the best coach for you.
Our effective methodology and innovative AI support you along the way.
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Want More Energy?
Book a 30 minute Consultation
Get matched with your personal wellness coach
Take a 10 minute Wellness Assessment
Get your personalized wellness plan and get daily support from your Coach
Ready to get started?
Weekly 1-on-1 with coach
We start with a 30 minute 1-on-1 session. Then we have weekly 1 hour calls.
Your wellness coach will chat with you and support you daily.
Daily chat
Our tracker will help you develop new habits and monitor progress.
or buy full service for $259 / month
Dmitrii Khanarin, СЕО
Larisa Granovskaya, Chief Coach
Christopher Bennett, Health Expert
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