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Tech-based coach supervision for busy people
Greater health and wellbeing with a personal coach
Who Do We Help?
Working long hours and feeling you're on your way to a burnout?
Spending all your time on work and failing to maintain a work-life balance?
Always struggling to form healthy habits?
Essence of Our Service
Instead of Being Lost in Different Solutions
Mental health
We Provide a Single Point of Care
to prevent burnout and achieve greater well-being
Deva Wellbeing Coach
How can we help?
Providing a Wellbeing Coach
Focusing on Basic Problems: Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, Sports
Answering All Questions
Based on Science

Helping to Manage and Achieve Your Goals
Providing Support as a Mentor and Friend
Exploring What Suits You Best - Building a Personalized Plan
How We Kick Things Off
And you`ll understand what areas need focus first
Answer a 10 minute digital assessment of your overall well-being
A caring expert that will lead you to your goals - you`ll book a free 30 min trial call
Match with your Personal Wellbeing Coach
Beginning with a 30min 1-on-1, you will have weekly conversations with your coach.
Follow your personalized wellbeing plan with daily support from your coach
- 100% of our team are Certified Health Coaches, who have graduated from Precision Nutrition or Integrative Nutrition
Build A Better Life, With Our Resources
- Our algorithm ensures that you are matched with the best coach for you
- Our profound methodology will support you along the way
- Integrate your Apple Watch or other devices
Our clients are from
Each Coach Helps Dozens of Busy People, from Start-ups, IT and Fortune 500 Corporations
The best thing about having a coach is the motivation to focus on the details of your life. You only work to change 3 habits at a time. Nowadays, it's too easy to get overwhelmed by multiple methods. But with Deva, I feel relief.
CPO, AddReality
I've been working with Deva for two months and I already feel that I've established a system that will keep me afloat at all times. My daily life is full of crazy projects, long hours and remote team management. These aspects no longer matter, because now I'm in control of my own energy! :)
Product research, Flo
I've tried so many health and wellness methods before, but was never able to form a habit from them. Only with Deva have I realized what I was missing: a helping hand.
COO, DBrain/HandlAi
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Weekly 1-ON-1 with your coach
We begin with a 30 minute 1-on-1 session. Then we incorporate 30-min calls with your energy manager into your weekly routine.
Daily chat
Your energy manager is there to support you, every single day
Your tracker helps you stick to new healthy habits and monitor your progress
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